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I voted and gave this a 5/5 and that changed the score from 4.39 to 4.40.
I felt my deed worthy of a comment in the form of a review!
You're welcome haha!!
By the way, sick art!

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I voted and gave it a 5/5
and the score went from 3.34 to 3.36
so you're welcome!
And that was cute

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RadioTubeClock responds:



Magical Trevor is cool! The animations were beautifuly made & The song looped perfectly! It is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long while. Keep it up!

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Very Fun

I liked this game a lot, mainly because there was the medals feature, which made me want to actually win the game and get them all, which I did.
It was original and creative.
Try typing:
"Take April"
"Take Tom"
Thanks and I hope to play more of your work soon!

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It was fun, I enjoyed it.

First off, I enjoyed it.
I like these sort of make-it-through-the-level-and-don't-c rash games.
The setting was good, I have not played one in "winter" before.

Above you said that you look forward to feedback, so I have some that will maybe help, or maybe (and probably) will restate what others have said.

I thought that there should be more options of bikes, and maybe a level select option. That would make it be funner.
Also, I didn't know how many levels there were, and I stopped at level 11 because I didn't know what else to unlock. So...
Perhaps there should be more things to unlock the further one progresses into the game, rather than just one reward at level 9.

Now, you don't have to use anything I said, but i just thought I would let you know what I thought, since you asked for it.
Thank you for making this game!

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That's Great

Nice work!
Now that is what an ideal arcade styled game should be like.
Not too long, but short enough to beat the first time.
The unlockables were fun and made you want to continue playing!
Hope see more similar to this.

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SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks, hopefully you'll see some more games from me in the near future...

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Haha nice Zaq!

Wow, zaq, never knew that you and your freinds made gangsta music too!
haha, this is really cool, i dont even know what to suggest to make it better cause im not really good at making music at all!
I just think you guys should keep it all coming!


It was really repetitive.
It was boring.
It was not Modern Hip-Hop.
I liked the basic rhythm.
I liked the synths, though I don't think they're original.
That's all I have to say, just keep practicing and you'll get better.
Also, you type in all capital letters, which is probably an accident :\

Ridiculously Good!!

This just blows my mind away! I really wish I could give you some constructive suggestions, but I really dont think that anything I say would help it, for it is already awesome. Please, keep up the great work!

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YES! Earthbound all the way!
This is way cool!
I absolutely LOVE hearing about other people who like EarthBound, since it does not have a large audience!!!
Check out my two EarthBound submissions on here!

BansheeIndian responds:

Thanks man, always good to find fellow Earthbound fans. I'm thinking about doing another one with Jeff riding tessie through the fog, I've got a lot of other shit on my plate though we'll see if i can get around to it.

That's awesome

I wish I could draw like that.
That's an incredible talent you have there.


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