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EarthBound Adventures

2010-11-24 17:16:22 by LiquidKarma

I'm working on my EarthBound game still.
I wrote down the plot for the game, and I made the intro, the main menu, and I have everything planned out how i think it should be.
Now I am working on making it.
If you want to check out the game as I update it, you can't.

please comment, that would be awesome!

EarthBound Tribute

2010-10-19 18:46:54 by LiquidKarma

I am working on an EarthBound project that simulates a battle from the Japanese Gameboy Advance game, Mother 3, that was never released in an English version. Mother 3 is the sequel to the popular SNES game EarthBound.

The EarthBound/Mother series is possibly the greatest thing ever, so I sincerely suggest that you check out the games and see for yourself!

I rented a 750 page book from the Library about Flash CS5, so I will be learning alot and using what I learn for this game. It's not going to be a long game, just mainly movie with a neat Role-Playing battle sequence.
I will keep updates on progress.
I have a new header and profile image and icon, expressing my obsession with EarthBound!

I'm going to submit a game

2010-09-01 14:51:59 by LiquidKarma

I'm going to submit a game here in probably a week.
It's going to be really cool.
I will let ya'llk know when it's done.

LARRY: Big Dipper by JAZZA

2010-06-15 01:32:16 by LiquidKarma

i just got in the top 10 for LARRY: Big Dipper by JAZZA game and i placed 7th for the daily high schore
toady is Monday June 14th
Allah Allah!!!!

Game Progress Update

2010-03-11 23:16:49 by LiquidKarma

Well, I've been working on my game for a couple weeks now.
I've been quite busy with school, so I cannot work on it as much as I hoped for.

I have finished nearly all the programming for the game, so now I am just focusing on art and levels; just making it look good, which is very important.
Unless I think of something that will help improve the game a lot, I am done with the programming and all I have left is more levels and the intro which explains the story.
I update my game regularly on as I make progress, so you can check it out there.

Game Progress Update

New Game

2010-03-05 18:29:13 by LiquidKarma

Hey everyone,
The past week I have been working on a game.
It's my first time making a flash game, and it's a lot of fun to make games!
It's also time consuming.
I will probably be done in about 3 weeks.
I'm doing all the programming and art, so it's all mine, which makes it pretty special.
Hope you are looking forward to it!

New 3D Art!

2009-06-25 14:27:21 by LiquidKarma

Now that there is an Art Portal I am able to share my art!
I make 3D art with a program that renders the image for me.
It wasnt easy to learn, but it is easy to use now that I have mastered the program!
I hope you enjoy the Art!!